his + her | a queer take on life
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In a one of a kind collaboration, his + her are two biannual publications that aim to bridge queers, amplify their stories, and spotlight their talents.

Who are we?

his is for the lads. her is for the gals. Both are for the queers. Together, they create a new addition to the queer conversation, and cultivate its influential voices along the way.


Connectors, storytellers, companions, accomplices, and partners in crime – his + her hope to offer an alternative take on queer culture and those who make it go around.


Say ‘hello’ to your magazine.

We can’t wait to get into your hands.


We’re looking for contributors – writers, visual artists, and all creative types.


If you’re interested in contributing, email info@hisandhermag.com and tell us what you have in mind.


For more information, visit our Submissions page.


Ibrahim Hasan

Ibi printed his first magazine in grade five using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, and a half-functioning inkjet printer. Readership: parents. This arts-embracing, young professional has set his sights onto bigger things ever since. Interests besides the arts? Science, food, culture, politics, pop divas and everything in between.


Emily Dela Cruz

Curious about all things related to the arts, but with a particular penchant for design, music, film, photography, and books (of course). A questionnaire's results said she's an INFP/J – but take that as you will. She prefers listening and writing ideas down over talking, and appreciates fitting reaction .gifs.